About Us

Barbies Bail Bonds is a licensed Palm Beach bail bonds agency providing fast, reliable service in Palm Beach County Florida and throughout most counties in the state. Since 1993 our family agency has been helping families bond out their loved ones. Whether it be from Palm Beach County's Gun Club Jail or any other detention facility in Florida where we have 24 hour emergency service. Our licensed agents speak English and Spanish to help with any questions. At Barbies Bail Bonds you will never have to worry about posting bail because we take care of everything. Our services include:

For more information please call us at 561-247-0018

We are a 5-Star rated Bail Bonds Agency and we thank you for your review or even just you rating.

Directions to the jail from our office

The above video will show clients how to get to the Palm Beach County Jail's inmate release from our office just a few minutes away.